Aurely - Concept Art

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I fooled around a bit with Photoshop and various stuff shamlessly stolen with the help of Dr.Google to finally get an idea about how the Port Aurel region might look.

This image is one iteration in a chain of wild experiments.

I used about 10 images to make a collage and then messed around with it.


  • Port Aurel: A vibrant port and mining town, founded by Aurel the Magnificient 1764 years ago, which is the beginning of time calculation. Present time is 1764 P.A. (Post Aurel). Port Aurel is much more liberal than the rest of the United Empire of Keuth and has quite some independence against the central powers in Keuth. The town is the gate of the empire of Keuth to the Abysmal. It is also the capital of Aurely, the county surrounding it. Aurely is named after its first king, Aurel the Magnificient who united the local settlements and nomadic tribes into a kingdom to defend against the claims of power from Keuth and the threats coming from the mountains. He also developed mining by forging an alliance with the dwarves of Uk in the far west who are trading the gold and copper found around Port Aurel against nightstone and other rare minerals found around Uk. This all is controlled by contracts and administered by the Aurelian mining administration which also hands out mining licenses to private companies.
  • Aurely Keep: The keep watching over Port Aurel.
  • The Abysmal: Around 150.000 Years ago: A giant meteor gets thrown onto Arcanima by Nemesis. "The Abysmal Sea" or short "The Abysmal" or "The Abyss" fills its crater.
  • The Golden River: The golden river has a yellowish-golden color due to the microorganisms living in it. At night it is shimmering in a golden light.
  • The Blue: Mountain range north of Aurely, even beyond Halcyton and Vistaute. The path to the Republic of Malakand is leading over it.
  • Nixen peak: The mountain watching over the Abysmal where the Blue meets the Abysmal.
  • Snugg: The Snugg are a people of Underfolk. The Underfolk are Dwarves, Gwar and Kindfolk or Snugg as they call themselves. Dwarves came up after the meteor thrown by Nemesis cut off a bunch of ancients from the daylight and they interbred with earth spirits. When some of these dug deeper and were touched by the breath of hell they became Gwar - the evil race living on the Black Island in the south of the Abysmal. The Kindfolk found their way back to the surface by some unknown influence. Some believe the fall of the Gwar caused an imbalance in the world in a way, that the Quintessence formed a mythical being named "The Guide" who led the Kindfolk out of the depths to Snugglingen, where they became the Snugg.
  • Jaglingen: A county of hunters and rangers. Many Wildfolk live here and some exile Elves.
  • Keuth: Capital of the United Empire of Keuth and center for the "One and Only true Church of Keuth" as well as center of operation for the "Holy Inquisition against Magic Infidels"
  • Halcyton Beach: A fishing village and beach east of Vistaute. Easy living here.
  • Aberfan: An abandoned mining village destroyed by a landslide 78 years ago. Today just a small village at the bottom of the hills with some farming lands around. The mines are said to be haunted and unsafe.
  • Malakand: The "Great Republic", northeast of the Blue. Much more liberal than the Empire of Keuth and an important trade partner as well as a rival. In the moment there is a half-way stable peace between the two nations.


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