Concept Art: Gwarship

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The Gwar of Arcanima are a race of underground folk who have dug too deep and touched branches of hell by doing so.

They are intelligent but corrupted by evil wich shows up in their strive for world domination using superior technology.

From time to time they attack inhabited human and elven lands, but despite their technological superiority they never succeeded. They live in a cold volcano on the black island from where they start their attacks usually by starting their airship fleet.

Since they have airships and other stuff I thought I'd start designing parts of Gwar technology. This airship is a multistage project and I just finished part 1 - the basic layout which I share here today.

Addendum: I managed to kinda finish Stage 2 - a more detailed outline and couldn't help doing a silly little derivative from it - kinde fell in love with the crossed wrenches steampunk skullhead ... It will find its way in the final version, I think ....

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