Continuing the unity craze

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Disclaimer: I am no game programmer.

Did I mention I'm no game programmer?

That said - I made a crappy - yes CRAPPY - game out of that map with the sole purpose to run around in it and visualize it. There are hardly any props or interesting stuff. If you fall into the river you will have trouble getting out of it (though possible) and flying is tedious.

That said here are the controls:

  • Mouse right-click on the cart or the plane make you mount.
  • WASD gets you moving.
  • "X" (= shift X) gets you out of it.
  • "r" (or was it "R"?) straightens the plane/cart if you go too oblique.

Its made with free assets and not meant as any sort of serious game. It's just a proof every fool can make a game today.

And oh yes - it's full of bugs !

Where is it?

Here's the link:

You will need the unity web plugin to have it working.

Have fun !

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