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I internally started a collection of texts that will appear in the game as in game scrolls or tomes. From time to time I will publish this blurb here, just for the fun of it. Today I made a crazy little myth of creation I'd like to share here:

From the Early Scrolls collection of the Holy One and Only True Orthodox Church of the Empire of Keuth, catalogued by Mellonios, XIIth patriarch in the post cataclysmic year 30,142  p.c.

At the beginning there was chaos. And it was swirling and whirling without a direction. And when god saw the chaos he was unhappy, because it all was a mess.

And he cried and a godly tear fell into the chaos and it became the wet corner of the world.

And when he saw a corner appearing in the world he liked it and laughed. And because he was very old his laughter pushed out a godly tooth into the chaos. And the godly tooth became the dry corner of the world.

He bent over to pick up the tooth, but it vanished in the chaos. And while bending over his nose dipped into the chaos and since the tip of the nose is the coldest part of the body, the place became the cold corner of the world.

When he saw the chaos changing by his actions he liked it and he rubbed his hands, becuase he wanted to do something and his hands became warm by rubbing them and when he touched the chaos with his warm hands it became the hot corner of the world.

When he realized there were already four corners he stepped back a little and started watching, because he realized this already had started a chain of events he wanted to watch. And he saw the elements forming out of the tension between the corners and building up the world.

He watched, took out a bag of chips and a beer and sat down happily, curious what would come up next.


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