The Early Scrolls - Fragment from the real world - Kraan

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Another mosaic from the Arcanima Storyline and a piece of concept art for the character  "Kraan". He is an important figure and functions as a guide into the world of Arcanima for the reader/player.

The portrait is the first image where I made used of the new Wacom Intuos Pro L I bought some days ago to reward myself for something and must say I'm really happy with it. Much much better than the old Bamboo type I had. But I also realized I haven't done a portrait for years and I see it. Not that I have been good at it, but there is so much room for improvement. After all I'm not a pro nor even a trained hobbyist, but heck - its the process and the fun in it that counts and the image serves as a visual to get an impression of him.

So - here's a fragment of Kraans difficult life:


Berlin, some day

Kraan didn't know what to do. After months of unemployment he was at an edge. He felt worn out. Today he was - unwillingly - a bit more clear in his head, because he had run out of money for the red wine he liked so much and which let him forget everything. He wanted to travel again. He wanted to do the travel he had done so often, but without red wine it usually didn't work. The red poison had helped him so often, but now he was completely broke and felt miserable. He turned left and right in his bed.

The sharp stench of old sweat he effused didn't reach his conscience anymore. He was tormented and felt hopeless. The shivering had waned since the last evening and he was sweating a little less. Outside was bright day, at least the shadows of the trees on his closed curtains told him that it must have been late morning, maybe around eleven o' clock. The pattern of shadows drawn by the branches of the sunlit trees outside reminded him of something. He recognized fragments of a foreign script which awkwardly touched him.

Everything turned - he felt nauseous and puked some yellowish greenish goo on the floor in front of  his bed. "Hey!" - it shouted. He looked aside and saw the brownie beside his bed. "You almost hit me with that, galoot!", the strange thing complained. Kraan smiled. A faint and dark memory came up.

He touched the right side of his belly and felt a damp pain at the place where his liver should be. But it wasn't the alcohol which did that to him. A lance had drilled into his side. But he was at home - not in Arcanima. Technically he shouldn't feel that pain. And the brownie didn't belong here. Something was wrong.

Again he felt ill. When the pain reached a new peak he could hear the brownie again, this time like from a far distance:"You must read it! Speak it out loud, calfhead !". He could just hear the brownie shout from far away when everytrhing turned black again and he fainted.


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