First DMed event on Arcanima and introduction of the custom Lore

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Last Saturday we had a first small testing event on Arcanima DMed by me. Beforehand I changed all the vanilla dialogs of Shards Online on our server to reflect the Arcanima Lore local to that certain region of the world which is being run on our test and development server.

Though Shards Online still is in a very basic and limited state concerning DMed events we had a helluva fun. Storytelling really doesn't require too many technical nuts and bolts and the event was a success within its limited scope.

Story-wise an emissary of the Kingdom of Malakand visited Aberfan which was cut off because of a landslide which had destroyed the whole mining town of Old Aberfan. It seemed this landslide was connected to a squabble of the local deities and some old sins of the past ... yadda...yadda ...

Can't wait until we have more functions to support DMing, but anyways:

Great job Citadel on the last update! Keep it coming!

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