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For the short term and wildly against my anti-social personality, I am taking on the role of writing articles for Arcanima. I have ended up taking this on because the team has highlighted an obvious gap in the website content. I will be writing regular updates on all the work being conducted behind the scenes and all the great content and systems being planned for the future.


Before I get into the details of what we are doing, I wanted to introduce myself as part of the Arcanima team and write a little about what I do and my experiences of helping out on Arcanima.

I originally came to Arcanima about 18 months ago and for a short period, did some in game testing of new systems such as custom dyes as well as getting to know the game a little. Now one thing to note was a year ago, Shards was barely playable from my point of view due to performance issues, but I saw the potential for what it could be.

At this time I got to know Yorlik a little and really liked his ideas and vision for Arcanima which goes much into the direction of what I have been missing in an RPG for nearly 10 years. So - after a long gap away from Arcanima due to real life issues, I came back about six months ago and decided to really help out as much as possible.

After a lot of discussing with Yorlik we spent some time using my real life experience as a mechanical engineer in designing a crafting system concept for metallurgy as well as weapon and armor smithing. This was great fun and after a few weeks or so we had created the base of a very good system that I may explain in a separate article later, once it is actually implemented.

After some months looking at crafting systems I then moved on to help out a little with the concept of a new skill system that uses practice and theory in a very nice way, along with a bunch of other system ideas as well. Then I started dabbling on the Arcanima development server, playing around with the custom admin tools that the team made to create custom NPC’s and place assets in the world. This then led onto the thing I like doing the most - building. Going forward I want to devote my time to building custom maps (once possible) using the vanilla mod tools and the excellent custom tools the Arcanima team has already designed. My current work on Arcanima could mostly be described as gameplay system designer, builder and now also the PR guy.

The team is planning on extending and improving the tools to ease the way how we can design custom maps and flesh out the server but at the moment there isn't a huge amount of work I can do on the building side until the new map update is released from Citadel Studios.

I am currently preparing an overview article about the concept and systems of Arcanima, but in the meantime, just to show you how busy we have been, I'll include the link to a video which demonstrates the growth of the Arcanima script source tree over the eighteen months up to January 2017.

Cheers and enjoy !


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