developement server is online

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We now have made a step ahead in our infrastructure and can offer acces to the gameserver at We have rented a virtual windows server with 4 vcores, 4 GB guaranteed RAM and 400 GB storage. The game runs smooth with the usual hiccups stemming from the very early development stage Shards Online is in. Sometimes it crashes. We are working on an efficient watchdog to keep it up 24/7. Later, once we have a Linux server executable we will migrate to a dedicated, non virtual Linux machine.

If you are interested in early participation, you'll need the ShardsOnline Game Client which you can get by pledging for this awesome platform on their website.

The current server is far far from being near the end result and serves as a development and testing platform for our custom content and DMed events.

We are currently working on an event with the title: "The Night of the Black Beast", an ETA has not yet been set.

If you are already a Pre Alpha Backer for Shards online you can connect to our server at

Hope to see you online !



Anonymous (not verified)

It would also help.. to know the location of the server!
(eg: northern europe. eastcoast, westcoast, asia,etc)

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The server is located in

The server is located in Germany. We had people connecting from Texas, Florida and Brazil without issues.

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