Continuing the unity craze

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Disclaimer: I am no game programmer.

Did I mention I'm no game programmer?

That said - I made a crappy - yes CRAPPY - game out of that map with the sole purpose to run around in it and visualize it. There are hardly any props or interesting stuff. If you fall into the river you will have trouble getting out of it (though possible) and flying is tedious.

That said here are the controls:

The early scrolls ...

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I internally started a collection of texts that will appear in the game as in game scrolls or tomes. From time to time I will publish this blurb here, just for the fun of it. Today I made a crazy little myth of creation I'd like to share here:

From the Early Scrolls collection of the Holy One and Only True Orthodox Church of the Empire of Keuth, catalogued by Mellonios, XIIth patriarch in the post cataclysmic year 30,142  p.c.

Fantasizing Alchemy

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I worked on some alchemy stuff today, integrating medieval western, chinese and fantasy alchemy. Photoshop helps me thinking, I need to see stuff and make imagination visible. So here is the result of some hours writing, pondering and photoshopping:


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